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Round 1 of the “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan” People’s Choice Award is open. Vote daily for your favorite four products until September 10th. Your votes will determine which products make it into the Top Ten of Round 2 and, ultimately, the winner of the Coolest Thing.

This award highlights the billions of innovative and exciting products manufactured in Michigan and is part of the MMA’s MFG Excellence Awards program. Learn more at


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The 30-inch capacity Model 3590 features a 30-inch by 48-inch chipper throat opening and a powerful three wheel feed system. Engine options ranging from 755 to 1,050 horsepower are available to choose from.

Product Name: 3590 - Towable Drum Style Whole Tree Chipper


A wheat ale fermented with Bell’s signature house ale yeast, mixing a spicy hop character with mildly fruity aromas…a classic summer beer. It is made with only 4 ingredients, and without the use of any spices or fruit.

Product Name: Oberon

The B2 electric pickup truck is the big brother of the B1. Twin DNA. Same everything inside and out, except the long bed mullet haircut. A completely badass electric truck capable of carrying 16-foot cargo through a patented full-length pass-through.

Product Name: Bollinger B2

Petglow is proud to introduce their patent-pending all-natural herbal-based Pet care products that are built by infusing de-ionized water with oxygen ions combined with proven herbal extracts that enable the creation of chemical-free formulations.

Product Name: PetGlow

Light weight fluke anchor that is the easiest to dis-lodge and retrieve. It is a rope only anchor which saves the cost of a chain, the design works off geometry instead of weight, and you get 40% more fluke holding

Product Name: Chene Anchor

Over 150 Top NCAA D1 Basketball Programs & NBA teams trust Connor Sports to give them an edge over the competition by practicing and competing on Connor Sports flooring systems including 2016/2018 NCAA DI National Champion, Villanova University & 6-time ... Read More

Product Name: Hardwood Sports Flooring

“Where Magic Happens” At Coventry we see magic as the moment when you move past your limitations into the healing that manifests the life you desire. Magic is our passion. We live that passion in every candle, blessing, and fragrance

Product Name: Coventry Candles

The patent-pending Receptor is the first residential, thru-the-wall delivery bin that allows packages, groceries,and prepared foods to be placed IN your home without giving direct-access to delivery drivers. A smart keypad secures deliveries until you conveniently retrieve them from inside ... Read More

Product Name: The Receptor

Twist tie with flexible adhesive base at center, developed to make party and holiday decorating quick and easy! Simply remove the release liner, then stick & twist the ties to hold decorations like garlands, light strings, balloons, streamers, vines, etc. ... Read More

Product Name: DecoTies Fasteners

The Buzzz is Discgolf’s most popular midrange due to its consistency and compatibility with a wide range of players styles. The Buzzz is a low profile modern midrange that is the gold standard for straight to stable flights players can ... Read More

Product Name: Buzzz

Domico Med-Device is grateful for the opportunity to share its carbon fiber Mayfield Adapter for interventional table extensions in the Hybrid OR. This innovation provides the positioning required for neurosurgeons to perform delicate procedures in the brain utilizing minimally invasive, ... Read More

Product Name: The Mayfield Adapter

Small batch potato chips created by hand, taste fantastic, and are family owned and operated here in Michigan. Made from local spurced farmers, then peeled and cooked by hand. ... Read More

Product Name: Downey's Potato Chips

The Dual Auger System drastically reduces clogged pumps in the collection system due to so-called ‘flushable’ wipes. Installed in manholes, the Duperon 5-and-1 system removes flushable wipes, alleviates sewer backups, emergency maintenance and saves municipalities thousands annually.

Product Name: Duperon Dual Auger System

“The World’s Largest Hydraulic Power Unit!” *Pending Guinness Certification – The massive hydraulic power unit is capable of 4,800 horsepower with a maximum flow of 2700 gallons per minute and a capacity of 11,000 gallons of hydraulic oil. The only ... Read More

Product Name: World\'s Largest Hydraulic Power Unit

EMPIRES FALL are exceptional game play, custom dice and miniatures Made in the USA. Bring home real heroes and amazing stories with these custome game pieces.... Read More

Product Name: Empire's Fall

Global Battery Solutions is an advanced chemistry battery solutions provider. They also specialize in the repair, remanufacturer, repurposing and recycling of battery modules.

Product Name: Refurbished Battery Pack

Michigan Cherry BBQ went from a seasonal treat to customer favorite, now available year-round. We start with our original barbeque seasoning and mix in the cherry that makes our home town Traverse City famous. Savor the chips made to celebrate ... Read More

Product Name: Michigan Cherry BBQ Potato Chips

Haworth’s digital knit machine removes design constraints and creates unique furniture. By combining beautiful patterns, soft high-performance fibers and breathable comfort, your desk chair has the refined coziness of a favorite sweater along with the support and style of the ... Read More

Product Name: Haworth Digital Knit

Hudsonville Ice Cream is both literally and figuratively the coolest product made in Michigan! Headquartered and manufactured in Holland, Hudsonville strives to create special memories with every scoop you share. The ingredients are locally sourced and the finished product is ... Read More

Product Name: Hudsonville Ice Cream

Indian Summer tart cherry juice is made with 100% Montmorency cherries. This product is not only delicious, but also has many health benefits.

Product Name: Indian Summer Tart Cherry Juice

Here’s to the places we carry, marked by the glow of the familiar and by our desire to return: A warm meal with good friends, the crackle of a woodfire, the sturdy heft of a rocks glass. Consider this—our flagship ... Read More

Product Name: Salted Maple Old Fashioned (RTD)

The HALO will reinvent handwashing by safely inactivating germs on your hands in seconds without water, chemicals, or waste; just light. HALO emits a specialized UV-C light in doses too weak to penetrate human skin, but energetic enough to sterilize ... Read More

Product Name: HALO

The 350 W system can remove paint, rust, and additional unwanted debris from the surface of a material without causing damage to the substrate base.

Product Name: AR-350 Laser Gun

The Motorized U-Boat reduces the time and energy needed to transport up to 1,000 lbs. and is ideal for moving loads long distances and up inclines. The variable-speed transaxle can be switched to free-wheel mode and provides 360° maneuverability. The ... Read More

Product Name: Magliner Motorized U-Boat

Old fashioned, knitted mittens that feature Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on one and the Lower Peninsula on the other so you will Always have a “map” on hand!

Product Name: Michigan Mittens

The NuStep UE8, is the first upper body ergometer with a swivel drive train for barrier-free access and sensor technology with real-time biofeedback. The unique swivel design eliminates seat removal for standing and wheelchair users, and the force sensors measure ... Read More

Product Name: The NuStep UE8, Upper Body Ergometer

Designed and built entirely in Detroit, the Pingree Mayor is the start of something big. Not just making some of the finest shoes on the market, we’re establishing Detroit as a footwear capital, committed to working with the Motor City’s ... Read More

Product Name: Pingree Mayer

The most advanced trailer sway control hitch available, it has an improved and enhanced anti sway trailer hitch for an extraordinary towing experience, and the safest trailering system in the world.

Product Name: Pro Pride 3p Towing System

GRIDCOOLER® Keel Cooler is a closed circuit engine heat exchanger used by Navy ships and marine vessels worldwide. Similar to a car radiator, engine coolant is circulated through the keel cooler, transferring heat from the coolant before returning to the ... Read More

Product Name: GRIDCOOLER® Keel Cooler

Rhombus fast DC EV chargers are built to meet the needs of medium- and heavy-duty fleet operators. They are available in 60kW and 125kW power capacities, and in both unidirectional (charge-only) and bi-directional (V2G-capable) flavors.

Product Name: EV Chargers

Delivers smart energy and communications exactly where you need it, the solahub™ solar-powered wireless infrastructure is an open-solution, fully integrated, flexible platform for interconnected devices which can be placed virtually anywhere.

Product Name: Solarap

Speedrack is a leading innovator of custom warehouse rack solutions. Our product is proudly manufactured in Michigan exclusively and is engineered for for quality and safety.

Product Name: Warehouse Rack

Magnet designed to collect ferrous metal debris out of waterways, the first in class pneumatic powered submersible technology with permanent magnetic on off capabilities. Used for search and recovery of discarded gun and various weapons, fish hooks, bottle caps and ... Read More

Product Name: SuperMag SUBMAG

Italmas is a world-class cruising yacht designed to pay homage to yachts of the 40’s and 50’s. With a hull made purely from wood using the cold-moulding process, Van Dam Custom Boats fabricates every part of the boat, even the ... Read More

Product Name: Italmas - 44\' Cruising Yacht

A very unique Portable Parallel Bar system for Physical Therapy that is modular as well as collapsible for portability. Ideal for moving around in a hospital, assisted living center or in home care.

Product Name: Portable Parallel Bars

Yates tie rod cylinder from heavy-duty to light-duty hydraulics and pneumatics, Yates has one that’s sure to fit your needs! Bores sizes from 1.5″ – 24″, 23 different mounting styles, NFPA, JIC Interchangeability, 3 year limited warranty, Specials to 50″ ... Read More

Product Name: Tie Rod Cylinder