What’s the Coolest Thing Made in Michigan?

From household staples to life-improving machinery, the Michigan manufacturers have produced some amazing things — but only one can win the annual “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan” People’s Choice Award.

Nominations are open until August 21, 2020. Voting begins this fall. Nominate today!

How Does It Work?

Once nominations have been collected, a round one people’s choice vote will determine the Top 10 coolest Michigan-made products. Round two voting will have these finalists competing for the title of “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan 2020.”

The winning product (and the company manufacturing it) will be announced live at the 2020 MFG Excellence Awards later this fall. Complete the nomination form below with your Coolest product for a chance to win this coveted award.

2019 Coolest Thing Made In Michigan Finalists

Excalibur Pontoon with Twin Engines
Avalon & Tahoe Manufacturing, Inc

Aerosmith’s “Deuces are Wild” Stage Wings
Britten Inc.

HomeLink Mirror
Gentex Corporation

Custom Booster Cylinder
Peninsular Cylinder Co.

Rexair Rainbow
Rexair LLC

mpower Fascia Lights
SoundOff Signal