Contest Category : Coolest 2020 - Round 2



AIROTRUST™ is an affordable “Building Mask” that magnetically attaches to your drop ceiling grid cold air returns within seconds. The durable  lightweight housing can hold a MERV-rated filter of your choice, adding a second level of filtration to your business ... Read More

Product Name: AIROTRUST™

Without the hyper-pure polysilicon produced by Hemlock Semiconductor, the vision of an interconnected, more sustainable world is impossible. Polysilicon connects and energizes the world and powers modern life from cell phones to solar panels. At least one in three people ... Read More

Product Name: Ultra-Pure Polysilicon

Hudsonville Ice Cream is both literally and figuratively the coolest product made in Michigan! Headquartered and manufactured in Holland, Hudsonville strives to create special memories with every scoop you share. The ingredients are locally sourced and the finished product is ... Read More

Product Name: Ice Cream

Designed to lift up to 200 lbs. and move up to 500 lbs, the all-new Powered Lifting Hand truck revolutionizes how kegs and other heavy items are handled, especially in tight spaces. Count on a Magliner to help reduce injuries ... Read More

Product Name: Powered Lifting Hand Truck

Recycling wood waste with a Morbark 6400XT horizontal grinder offers a quick and efficient reduction of this material, converting it from waste to a salable product. Markets for recycled wood include landscaping mulch, animal bedding material, boiler fuel, as well ... Read More

Product Name: 6400XT Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

Orion hunting blinds are modular and fully insulated with an exterior surrounded in aluminum and an interior covered in carpet – ceiling, walls and floor. No tools are required for assembly. It sits on an all-steel elevated tower stand with ... Read More

Product Name: Orion Modular Hunting Blind and Stand

Human Hoist is a product of Personal Positioning Technologies, LLC. of Bay City. The Human Hoist Power Shop Chair is uniquely designed for lifting and supporting the human body for work. It glides from position to position and functions equally ... Read More

Product Name: Human Hoist

Shaggy’s handcrafts custom skis at our shop in Northern Michigan and ships them across North America. Formed in 2008, we pride ourselves on our unique custom options, and every pair is made by hand.

Product Name: Shaggy\'s Copper Country Skis

Thoroughbred is a new boat manufacturer in Northwest Michigan. They are building a very cool Classic Modern Day powerboat. The Company was started by several industry veterans with the intention to use their skills and knowledge to provide jobs, education ... Read More

Product Name: Classic Modern Day Powerboat

Puppywarmer incubators utilize a special ceramic infrared heater to warm puppies one inch into their bodies. Our systems greatly improve the viability of at-risk puppies. Our donated units saved over 1,000 high-risk puppies last year. If you love puppies, vote ... Read More

Product Name: Puppywarmer