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M R Products is the original manufacturer of continuous 2-inch yellow plastic chain, a primary fixture for visual barriers for crowd control. In 2018, they sold over 4 million feet of chain! This item can be used repeatedly, thus eliminating ... Read More

Company Name: MR Products, Inc.

Aerosmith’s “Deuces are Wild” stage wings, from design to execution, were completely produced at Britten’s manufacturing facilities. The entire project, first modeled in 3D, used hundreds of scored foam sheets bent along a massive wooden halfpipe to create this impressive ... Read More

Company Name: Britten Inc.

A custom piece, this 18-inch high end, aluminum wheel is made using the investment casting process in stainless steel material.

Company Name: Aristo-Cast, Inc.

The innovative design of the Dex Pro+ is an ideal solution for moving products. This stand-up carrier with a detachable trailer can be used for multiple applications and is sized to fit a pallet. Whether used to transport products to ... Read More

Company Name: Amigo Mobility International, Inc.

Al Thieme invented the first mobility POV/scooter more than 50 years ago, Amigo Mobility is the only manufacturer in Michigan of this type of product, and only one of the few in the United States.

Company Name: Amigo Mobility International, Inc.

TravelMate is the most compact model in the Amigo line and perfect for travel. This lightweight, portable and foldable mobility scooter is ideal for active individuals who have trouble walking long distances.... Read More

Company Name: Amigo Mobility International, Inc.

Polly Products strikes again with their recycled HDPE plastic Bat House, made from locally sourced recycled plastic. This house lasts longer than wood, will never need painting and is impervious to moisture, rot, mold and mildew, making it a clean ... Read More

Company Name: Polly Products

New technology was developed between FTI Machine Worx and Peninsular Cylinder, Co., to ensure this cylinder would function in its unique application. A high pressure intensifier for accelerated product pressure testing, this one-of-a-kind item was specifically made to the clients ... Read More

Company Name: Peninsular Cylinder Co.

Behold Excalibur: Avalon’s brilliant feat of modern pontoon design engineering. This sophisticated pontoon will paint a stunning image on your local waterway with its sleekly designed tapered walls and brilliant two-tone colors. Excalibur’s engineering is a brilliant fusion of form ... Read More

Company Name: Avalon & Tahoe Manufacturing, Inc.

Cole’s Quality Foods is a family owned business that has been baking bread in Michigan for 75 years. They used 3 million pounds of garlic and 8.7 million pounds of garlic spread to create their Garlic Texas Toast, making them ... Read More

Company Name: Cole\'s Quality Foods, Inc.

This Park Avenue Limited Edition Howard Miller Grandfather clock is made from polished stainless steel and maple, with an elegant black glossy finish. No other clock looks, feels, or sounds like this beauty. Howard Miller has been creating beautiful time ... Read More

Company Name: Howard Miller

Gentex’s HomeLink® mirror comes integrated with three programmable buttons that can operate virtually any type of home automation device. The user’s phone/app pairs with the HomeLink buttons in the mirror via Bluetooth, allowing users to activate their devices without fumbling ... Read More

Company Name: Gentex Corporation

The humanhoist is a battery powered, hydraulic driven, gas spring assisted, personal lifting chair. The frame design takes a user smoothly between a tall chair, to a flat, fully reclined creeper, with the ability to stop at any position in ... Read More

Company Name: Humanhoist

Made by Yates Cylinders, a cylinder manufacturing and repair company, these cylinders are on a large machine that dumps coal, aggregate, and salt onto large cargo vessels. Cylinders are using in almost every industry, from aerospace to military and defense, ... Read More

Company Name: Yates Industries, Inc.

The Hines Industries Legend Series Engine Balancer can be found in the shops of auto industry racing greats. This high performance engine balancing machine with laser precision is the ultimate solution for balancing crankshafts, flywheels and dampers.

Company Name: HINES Industries

The Magline LifePlus is a powered stacker that can lift and position up to 350 lbs. Simple, one-handed control operates the machine, with several attachments available to accommodate different load applications that can be switched out in seconds without the ... Read More

Company Name: Magline, Inc.

With drones being used more and more every day, finding ways to make them lighter to stay in the air longer is essential. This generatively designed frame coupled with a material change to magnesium reduced the overall weight by 50%, ... Read More

Company Name: Aristo-Cast, Inc.

The Morbark Wood Hog is the best industrial-grade horizontal grinder you can get for processing brush, yard waste, and storm debris, and other materials into saleable products. The 6400XT includes many feature improvements focusing on production, operation-friendliness, ease of maintenance ... Read More

Company Name: Morbark, LLC

SoundOff Signal’s patented mpower lights have transformed LED lighting. Their molded one-piece, silicone housing and optic design delivers significant advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses. These extremely durable and bright lights protect the police, fire and rescue, construction and government industries ... Read More

Company Name: SoundOff Signal

Superior Fabrication manufactures a palletizer, a machine which provides automatic means for stacking cases of goods or products onto a pallet. Manually placing boxes on pallets can be time consuming and expensive, along with putting unusual stress on workers. This ... Read More

Company Name: Superior Fabrication Co, LLC

Providing a durable alternative to other materials that rob the environment of valuable natural resources, the Polly Products 100% recycled plastic Traditional bench has diverted 1,112 plastic pieces from landfills & waterways. Saving the environment from plastic waste, Polly Products ... Read More

Company Name: Polly Products

Manufactured by Rexair LLC, the Rainbow home cleaning system is a uniquely designed product that uses water as a primary filter to trap particulates in the water pan, easily tossed out when vacuuming is completed. It also uses a secondary ... Read More

Company Name: Rexair LLC

From two brothers assembling a rugged off-road vehicle, 70 years later the ROXOR has arrived. A simple design that demands to be driven and military grade construction that lives up to its legend, the ROXOR is prepared for any mission.

Company Name: Mahindra Technical Center

Sayklly’s Yooper Bars are a sweet way to show your Yooper pride! Folks born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan call themselves “Yoopers,” and Sayklly’s in Escanaba created the original Yooper Bar to honor the company’s proud U.P. heritage. Yooper ... Read More

Company Name: Sayklly\'s

Using the investment casting process in stainless steel material, this shadow light vase is an elegant touch to any home or office.

Company Name: Artiso-Cast, Inc.

Made for a specialty vehicle using the investment casting process in stainless steel material, you won’t find another steering wheel like this one.

Company Name: Aristo-Cast, Inc.

The Pink Cart helps to “Curb Cancer” and was inspired by a customer’s request for a breast cancer event. The special production evolved and was included in a local high school effort “to paint their town pink” to honor cancer ... Read More

Company Name: Cascade Engineering, Inc.

TheEcoDryer by GreenGloveDryer is a non-electric, antimicrobial, eco-friendly, glove, mitten, boot, shoe and wet accessory dryer that uses (harnesses) the heat and air coming from vents already in use and forces it up into the device to dry the wet ... Read More

Company Name: GreenGloveDryer

Wet blasting is a very unique type of blast machine used to clean and prepare the surface of metal components. The process is widely used for a range of applications in various industries, including aerospace, medical, powertrain and automotive. Wet ... Read More

Company Name: Rosler Metal Finishing USA

Great American Spaces Collections features the coolest products for your walls, ceilings and more. Their Whiskey Barrel BrewPub reproduces the color and texture of aged barrel wood in straightforward tongue & groove planking that makes it fast and easy to ... Read More

Company Name: Great American Spaces